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A blend of the best…

Sisters Ruth and Ana de Andrés share a deep passion to elevate the nuances of Spain’s regional wines and smaller farmers. One such project is highlighted by their dedication in Rías Baixas, through their innovation to create a blend of Albariño harvested from 3 sub-region that they feel generate the purest expression of the grape and terroir.

The puzzle of small plot each have different altitudes and exposures all tenaciously rooted in the ancient granite. The vines are worked in the most traditional way, ensuring the sea breeze and sun do their magic on every growing bunch.

Val do Salnés, the coolest and wettest sub region in Rìas Baixas, is located more interior along the lower reaches of the river Umia where grapes are planted along the slopes. There is more sandy soil here allowing for excellent drainage. Ruth equates this area to the extended mouthfeel to the finished wine. O Rosal is further south closer to Portugal where vines are planted on terraces on the banks of the Miño. Here the climate is warmer and there are less storms to challenge the vines. The slightly mountainous and warmer Condado do Tea lies inland from O Rosal along the river Miño. Soil here is quite shallow with a slate sub-layer quite close to the surface, radiating heat to aid ripening.

Each plot is hand harvested at different times according to the ripeness levels. The grapes from each sub-region are pressed and vinified separately. Cold fermentation happens in stainless steel using ambient yeast which can take up to a month. After blending, the wine rests on lees for 3 months.

The vision and care of Ruth and Ana de Andrés result in a stunning expression of Albariño hinting at the deep seated minerals and sea spray of Galicia, it’s home.

The Wines

BAIXA SIRENA Albarino front CROP


2022; 100% Albariño Manual harvest of 20ha over 50 separate selected plots from 3 main regions, grapes from each region are vinified separately, Climate controlled cold fermentation in stainless steel using natural yeast, blended and rests on lees for 3 months.