Help Support Restaurant Workers!

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and its disastrous effects on restaurants, bars, and their employees, for the month of August Bonhomie Wine Imports will donate 100% of the profits on selected items to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, an advocacy and action non-profit created by and for restaurant workers. Funds they raise via their Covid-19 campaign are being allocated; 50% for direct relief to individual workers, 25% to non-profits serving restaurant workers in crisis, and 25% for zero-interest loans to restaurants to get back up and running.

The Bonhomie team recognizes that we are very fortunate to be able to continue to operate during this challenging time and we want to share our resources with those in need so that they can weather this storm.

For August the featured wines are:

2019, Domaine Reine Juliette, Languedoc, Grenache-Syrah Rosé

2018, Fento, Rias Baixas Tinto

Bonhomie will continue this program until this crisis is over and restaurants are able to reopen to the public.

We truly appreciate our relationships with everyone in the wine, spirits, food and hospitality industries, and we know that together we will get through this. We look forward to when we can all be together again enjoying wine, great meals, and each other’s company.

In July we raised $1,080 for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

Charles Woods and the entire Bonhomie Team


Bonhomie means conviviality and a pervasive sense of jovial camaraderie.
It is the stories that we tell one another that connect us and enhance our life’s experiences, our appreciation of our fellow human’s endeavors and the world we live in. It is in that spirit that we wish to do business, never forgetting that passion for food and wine exists to be shared, contemplated, discussed and enjoyed together as a gift that we can offer that returns to us in goodwill.