La Canellese

La Canellese

La Canellese is surrounded by the beautiful world heritage wine landscapes of Piedmont, on the border between Langhe and Monferrato. Founded over a century ago as a cooperage by the Sconfienza family, they pivoted to Vermouth using the high-quality wines of the region and the ambitious spirit of the people who rebuilt Italy in the twentieth century. They continue to create aperitifs, spirits and bitters using traditional methods and craftsmanship and closely guarded family recipes consisting of careful selection of medicinal plants and spices. Their ingredients are of the highest quality and locally sourced wherever possible.

The offerings

Canellese Vermut Extra dryFront

Vermut di Torino Extra Dry

Dominant botanicals: wormwood, marjoram, sage, licorice, ginger & chamomile, juniper & coriander; 18% alc by vol.
Canellese Vermut Bianco front

Vermut di Torino Bianco

28 Botanicals highlighting Roman wormwood, marjoram, sandalwood, gentian and laurel; 16% alc. by vol.
Canellese Vermut Rosso TTB front

Vermut di Torino Rosso

30 Botanicals; absinthe wormwood, licorice, bitter orange, allspice, nutmeg; 16% alc. by vol.
Chinato Front 3.2wx4.9h


COMING SOON – 30 Botanicals; wormwood, calumba, marjoram, sweet and bitter orange zest, gentian, angelica, sage and vanilla. Colored with caramel. Rich and intense with scents of rhubarb, nutmeg and aloe; 16% alc. by. vol.
Barolo Chinato front

Barolo Chinato

COMING SOON – Barolo DOC wine with warm spices and herbs highlighting wormwood, allspice, cinnamon, cinchona bark and cloves; 16% alc. by. vol.


COMING SOON – Fortified Marsala DOC dessert wine infused with egg yolk, amber color, rich and sweet. Great aperitif to be served cold or on the rocks